Storage Solutions

Eco Storage Solutions for your Home

Most everyone can use more storage room around the house. Between you, your partner, maybe even kids and pets, there’s probably a lot of extra stuff floating around your house. There’s almost nothing worse than piles of clutter taking up valuable living space in your home. If you’re tired to living next to piles stuff, keep reading!

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If you’ve been searching for storage solutions, you might find it difficult to find eco-friendly options. Large plastic storage bins and new hardwood shelves don’t have the best impact on the environment. When you’re concerned about the health of the planet too, it can be hard to find a conventional storage solution that works. With just a little creativity, you can reuse everyday items to create your very own eco-friendly storage!

Recycle & Reuse

To create some great storage solutions, you probably don’t even need to leave the house. Most people have at least a few glass jars and plastic containers holding condiments, coffee, or other food items in their pantry. Instead of throwing these containers away when the food is gone, wash and recycle them for use around the house.

These containers can be used to store leftovers and maybe even hold your favorite beverage. You’re not limited to food storage uses here, though! Think outside of the kitchen and into other areas of your home. Glass jars work great for storing arts and crafts materials. They can also be used in the bathroom to hold cotton balls, q-tips, and other cosmetics needs. Painting the jars or adding some decorative tape will leave guests wondering where you bought them!

Think Outside of the Box

For eco-friendly storage, you often need to think outside of the box. In most cases, you’re thinking outside of literal boxes for storage. Large plastic storage bins you buy at the store may be super convenient, but if they’re not made from recycled plastic, they’re not very sustainable. There are plenty of eco-friendly (and cheap) boxes for all of your storage needs. Things like old milk crates work great for toys and shoes. You can even use cardboard shoeboxes in closets for organization and to hold socks, hats, and other smaller items.

You can also find low-cost or even free storage options at thrift stores or local businesses. Warehouses often receive shipments on wooden pallets. They’re usually more than happy to give away extra pallets or skids. These can then be repurposed into shelving units. A trip to your local thrift store can leave you with endless storage options! Buying second-hand shelves means the material won’t end up in a landfill. There are also plenty of things, like old trunks and suitcases, that can be turned into creative storage solutions.

Shop Around

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Sometimes DIY storage solutions from old jars or thrifted bookcases won’t cut it for your storage needs. If you have a lot of stuff you need a home for, a storage shed is probably your best bet. A storage shed gives you lots of extra room in your backyard for all of the things you don’t want taking up space inside your home. Garden tools, toys, and more can finally move from your basement or garage, allowing you to reclaim the space.

But, you’re sure to want a shed built by an environmentally responsible company. Shopping around when you’re looking for storage barns is always a good idea. Don’t be afraid to give the builder a call and ask questions about the materials and processes they use. Find out if their wood is responsibly sourced, if they use vinyl made from recycled plastic, and finishes that aren’t harmful to the environment. You’ll feel better about the big storage investment you’re making and its impact on the planet.